Saturday, May 05, 2012

Plein Air Saturday - Camp Mary Orton

I grew up in a town north of Columbus. Over the years when we traveled to Columbus, we would pass a sign off the highway that marked Camp Mary Orton. I was always very curious about the camp and so when my group was deciding where to paint this season, I contacted the camp and got permission. Today was the day, but it sure was a dreary, foggy, drippy, Ohio spring day! We attempted to paint but decided to quit about 10:30. I didn't get too far with my painting. Of course, the weather improved soon after we left.....

Once again, I tried to challenge myself to paint architecture. Again, I was frustrated. After I got home, I worked on this painting for a couple hours, but it never worked out. So, I used up the leftover paint to make another abstract!

Here are some shots of the camp and our critique:

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