Sunday, April 25, 2010

Painting in the Rain

Yesterday, our group met at Slate Run Metro Park, at the Buzzard Roost picnic area. A few of us setup under the shelter house with a view of the pond. It was a moist damp day with the threat of rain. I actually enjoyed painting in the rain in the picnic shelter. Reminded me of camping! Several of the group who braved the weather down by the pond, soon came to join us when the rains started. They got pretty wet, but all were painting in oils.

I used a canvas wrapped board. I've decided they aren't my choice. I prefer a smoother surface.
"Buzzard's Roost Meadow", 8 x 10, oil on canvas board

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Oil Painting - Spring Red Buds

 'Spring Red Buds', 5 x 7, Oil on canvas board
The group met at Highbanks Metro Park yesterday. It was brisk - about 45 degrees with gusty winds. Bbrrrrrr. I stayed in the parking lot and painted outside the back of my mini SUV so that the door would shield me from the wind. This was a scene of red bud trees, but not sure I captured the correct color. They've always been a favorite tree. When I was growing up, we had one in the back yard and I always was amazed that the flower actually grew from the bark, instead of off a stem.

Monday, April 12, 2010

On the Road to "Condo - town"

Happy to report that things are going well with the sale of the house. We got back the appraisal which was fine, and the inspection report with nothing major to fix. We are scheduled to close on June 11, and I'll move out on the 12 and 13th.

I went to see a great condo about a week ago, and as soon as I walked in the door, told my realtor  - this is the one!! She laughed and said - you always know by first glance! She helped me find my present home, and we've become good friends over the last few years.

Its perfect and exactly what I wanted. Its 'new' as its still owned by the condo builder. Although it was built in 2006, because of the economy, this was one of the last to be built in the complex and it hadn't sold. So they leased it for one year with the tenants leaving just 3 wks ago, as the builder wanted to put it on the market and get it off their inventory. I saw it within a week of being on the market. I quickly took a spin around the interior and told my realtor I wanted to put in an offer. Although the listing price was $30,000 less than what these sold for in 2005, we decided to put in a low ball offer. AND THEY TOOK IT!!!! AND they are paying up to $2500 of my closing costs!     " I am one happy dude" -(to quote an old friend of mine - hi Joe ;-)  )  AND I'll qualify for the $6500 tax incentive, so my bank account will be happy too. All of this far outweighs the loss I am taking on selling my house.

The condo is only about 3 miles north from my house, so still fairly close to my work and I feel its still 'in my neighborhood' - I'm very comfortable in this area of town. Its a 3 bedroom, 3 bath (no - I really don't NEED 3 baths, but hey, that's how 3 bedroom condos come these days....), has a 3 season sunroom, 2 car garage. It has a southern exposure, which was on my list... They have repainted the whole place a nice taupe with white woodwork, and will be replacing all the carpeting. Guess I'll need to buy an area rug to put down in the bedroom which will be my studio to protect the carpeting.

I've already begun to decorate it (at least in my head), and have ordered 'real' bedroom furniture for the first time in my life! I've always had hand-me-downs, auction pieces or stuff from that 'Swedish build it yourself' store - but now want a few pieces of really nice stuff.

In art news,  I have painted with the plein air group each Saturday, but haven't posted anything here because they weren't complete. I lose steam on them after I get home and never finish them. Guess I need to paint smaller so I can finish while in the field.