Sunday, June 28, 2009

Worthington Pastels

Today, I worked on some paintings that I hope will be good enough to be included in a fundraiser for the Worthington Area Art League. Members were asked to create artwork which included scenes from Worthington to be recreated in 4.25 x 5.5 inch note cards. The selection committee will be meeting in mid-July.

The first one I really like. This is a view of the village square. I took the photo a couple weeks ago when the plein air group painted there.

'Worthington Village Pine', 8 x 10, soft pastels on suede mat board

The photo is below:

Below is a photograph of a historic home on the square. I'm sorry, I don't know the history of it, but I know it is a well known home that everyone can recognize by the teal blue paint.

Here is my version. I'm not too sure if I will enter this one. Its kinda juvenile. I'm not strong on painting architecture. This was painted on another piece of the golden mat board coated with clear gesso.
'The Blue House', 10 x 8, soft pastels on gold mat board coated with clear gesso.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Plein Air Saturday - Pickerington Ponds Park

Today my plein air group met at Pickerington Ponds Park. It was a lovely day - comfortable temperature, light breeze, bright bright sun. Most of us setup under the cover of one of the observation boardwalks. This made it convenient, but it almost gave us 'snow blindness', looking out into the reflections on the water. I felt like I was painting back in the dark, and I overcompensated by painting a garish painting.

Pickerington Pond Marsh, 8 x 10 soft pastel on suede mat board

For my second painting, I decided to just do a very loose quick study. I had a piece of goldenrod colored mat board, which I had previously coated with clear gesso. This also gave the board a slightly gritty surface. Not as rough as a sanded surface like Wallis paper, but just enough to give it some interesting texture.

I decided to give this clump of marsh grasses a bit more color.

I didn't blend anything, and scumbled the pastel on the top of the board's texture (completely different than my usual technique). I really like this piece. I felt like I was able to finish quickly without overworking it. Be sure to click on the picture for a larger view.

Pickerington Marsh Grass, 8 x 10 soft pastel on clear gesso coated goldenrod mat board

If you look closely, you can see glimpses of the goldenrod mat board.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Self Portraits

I was thinking of participating in David Lobenberg's Self Portrait Global Love In blog, so played around with a pastel and an acrylic painting this weekend. Hard enough taking a digital photo of yourself, but harder still to paint it correctly!

I like this one the best of the two (this is the one I took my own digital picture), but I don't think the painting looks like me. The eyes are too big and the nose too small. This one is pastels on suede mat board. This one is another story. I love the photo of me, but the acrylic painting is WAY off. YUCK. The drawing is not even close, and I had little luck controling the paint today. I used standard acrylic paints, not the Chroma brand today. Maybe that was the difference in my brushstrokes. This was a piece of golden color mat board primed with clear gesso as an experiment. One of my plein air friends uses clear gesso on colored mat board for his toned surfaces since they are lighter to carry than hardboard panels.

I'll probably play around this week more before I decide to send anything to David.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Plein Air Saturday - Antrim Pk

'Antrim Willow' - 5 x 7 Soft pastels on velour paper
My setup with completed painting and my view.

Today, the plein air group met at Antrim Park in Worthington. It was a humid, blustery day. We had a sheltered spot in the shade. We had a smaller group today, maybe 10-12 artists.

Here are a few more shots of the area:

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Channeling McGyver’s Artistic Side

I had so much fun constructing the pastel trays several weeks ago, I decided to play again and made a table easel. I made this from one sheet of foam core board, Liquid Nails, white duct tape and clear contact paper, much like McGyver might do!

I prefer to sit to paint and didn’t like my standard wood table easel. This new one is very sturdy even though its as light as a feather. I put the clear contact paper on the flat area.IMG_3881


As you can see in the photos, I have put a slim piece of foam core board underneath the painted panel to lift it up off the ledge just a bit. This might be helpful when painting the bottom edge.

(I’m still trying to figure out this Windows Live Writer software…) IMG_3880

Friday, June 12, 2009

New Picture and Live Writer


Here is a better photo of my painting which shows the background and shadows better.

I am also playing around with the Windows Live Writer blogging layout software which I just downloaded tonight. I’ve added a mirror reflection using this software.

Amazing! Different Strokes Entry - Veggies

No - not the painting, but the paint! I used the leftover Chroma Interactive acrylic paint that I'd kept in a covered plastic container for FOUR weeks now, since the workshop. It was still workable!

I think I'm getting the hang of using acrylics. I have figured out which brushes work best for me and I have remembered that I love to paint curvy objects much better than straight angles!

Here is Karin's photo for the current DSDF challenge on top, with my beginning painting below. I had a Masonite panel which was already prepared with gesso and toned with burnt sienna acrylics.

Here is the finished painting with the photo. I couldn't seem to get the correct hue for the tomatoes. They ended up the color of apples...
I had a real hard time photographing this. I scanned it too. Although it is a dark painting to begin with, I'd thought I'd adjusted it correctly to post here, but it still seems dark. I may try to photograph in the daylight this weekend and replace it.
'Market Harvest' 8 x 10 Chroma Interactive acrylics on Masonite

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Plein Air Saturday - Worthington Village Town Square

'Worthington Presbyterian Church'
7 x 10 Sharpie ink and watercolor on Arches 140# Cold Press
(Reference photo of my view.)

Today, the plein air group met at the Worthington Village town square. Lots of pretty vistas, but a very busy busy intersection. Add to that, the weekly farmer's market, and you get lots of people - although its not apparent from my photos.

It was fun to work in Sharpie and watercolor again. I finished fairly early and was able to take a walk through the market for a sample of fresh baked goods, a good cup of coffee, and some handmade lavender soap.

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