Sunday, December 06, 2015

New Paintings

I haven't been too productive this fall, and in addition to that, when I am I tend to post art on my Facebook Artist's page instead of Blogger! Please like my page for quicker updates:  Nancy Vance Artist

Here are a few snapshots of what you may have missed! Thanks for following along on my blog and I will try my best to get back to blogging!

December Tinkering Time

I was back to tinkering in the studio this week. Earlier this year, I made board with a threaded nut to attach to my tripod. I was hoping for a good flat surface, easily attached to the tripod where I could tape pastel papers while painting. At that time, I could only find up to a 12" square piece of wood. I constructed it so that the front was flat and smooth with no holes from the threaded nut. Because I don't own a table saw, it wasn't an option to cut a piece from a larger board.
I never used it much because it was kinda small. I needed something bigger. One of the artist/designers of one of my new outdoor painting boxes just offered something similar to what I wanted! The issue for me was that it was $85, made of aluminum, and heavy at over 5 pounds. It was really big at 18x24" - a bit too big for me!

I'd been looking for a way to make my own without asking someone to cut a board the size I preferred. Finally I decided that I just needed to attach something on the board I'd already made. I bought one of the primed masonite painting panels (less than $5 using a coupon!) at the art store for the surface. I chose the 16x20" size. Now I needed a way to attach it without putting holes in it!

I also wanted it to be easily taken off , not permanently attached. I headed to the hardware superstore to look for ideas and found the perfect molding to use - "panel cap". I also bought some LocTight Go 2 Glue to attach the wood to the back of the board.  In all, this new addition was less than $10 - Saved $75 from the aluminum version! My version is just over 3 pounds, included the original wood.

Below is the finished project.
Sliding it into the new "rails"
I put a piece of square dowel as a "stop" (this is really shown upside down here, the stop will be on the bottom when mounted in the tripod)
Stop at bottom (although the rail is snug enough to hold the board from slipping, I would expect over time it will become looser, so felt I'd need the stop.)

Above is the original intent - to have the working pastel surface on the left (I am left handed), and the photo of my scheme taped on the right.
I also added some square dowels along the front bottom and sides, to serve as a stop/shelf that may be useful in both vertical and horizontal orientation. This would be good when painting on boards instead of taped down paper.

Another successful tinkering project!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

MAC Pop-up Shop

I'm have art included for sale in the McConnell Art Center (MAC) - Pop Up Shop at the Shops at Worthington Place!! Come out and see all the great original handmade art for sale!

Date:   Nov. 21, 2015 - Jan. 10, 2016.

It is that time of year again! The MAC is thrilled to announce their second MACtastic venture at the Shops at Worthington Place! They are temporarily renting a store front and showcasing local artists work. The MAC Pop Up Store features original, handmade, one of a kind art work on a consignment basis every weekend, kicking off on Saturday November 21, continuing through the holidays until mid-January.

A beautiful place to collect wonderful original local art, supporting your creative community.

MAC Pop-Up Store hours:
Fridays 12-4pm
Saturdays 9am-3pm
Sundays 10am-3pm

The Shops at Worthington Place
7227 N High Street
Worthington, OH

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Trouble with Canvas

I continued my weekend plan to paint some small paintings for practice. I used a small 5x7 board with canvas. I had a real problem working on this surface. I prefer a smoother surface but thought I'd use this board for practice. I fought the texture all the way through and even had a hard time getting a good photos.

Process shots:

The final photo - even my iPad had trouble getting a good shot. I need to stick with smoother surfaces!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Rainy October Day - Back to the Studio

I've been lazy about posting on the blog. It's so much quicker to post on my Facebook Artist page "Nancy Vance Artist". Please feel free to "like" my artist page if you'd like to be kept up to date quicker.

Today is a cool, rainy October day. I wanted to work on the fundamentals in my oils and get into taking the time to do sketches before I start. I was working from a photo I took last year which was cropped to a square. At that time, I had some some quick sketches, but never painted the scene. (right side of photo) Although I had already done much of the design from cropping my photo, I still wanted the practice of sketching. I drew a new sketch on bristol paper. I also was reusing a painting board which was a wipe down from a bad painting.(middle left).

 This shows my sequence creating the new sketch:

 Then I used a transparent dark oil mix to map in the design onto the painting board:
I didn't stop to take progress shots, so here is the final painting:
"Shadowed Path", oil, 6x6, Ampersand Gessobord

Friday, October 02, 2015

Where have I Been?

I've been on a painting retreat! Check out my travel blog:

Monday, September 07, 2015

Labor Day Plein Air - Near Gambier

My friend Wendy, invited some of  us up to her place for a late lunch, then plein air! It was a blistering hot day, so we sought out a place in the shade. We found this great view just outside of Gambier. We all were intrigued by the colorful changing corn field beyond the fence row.

And today was the first Ohio State Football (the "Buckeyes") game of the year, so luck had it we were painting under a buckeye tree so included this in our view!
 This new easel is working out great! I painted on another Richeson gesso board, which are working really well for me. Process shots below:

 Here's the finished painting
Early Fall, 8x10, oil on panel

Saturday, September 05, 2015

Saturday Plein Air -Worthington

Today we painted near Worthington High School along the bike path. I love Sycamore trees, and painted this one in the past, late winter, in pastel. This is the first time in summer.

I recently sold my Soltek easel and was lucky to find a new Strada easel on eBay! This was my first time out with it. I really liked it and loved the slick white plexiglass palette area.

Here's my view, and of course, the shadows moved quite a bit.

Process shots

I was able to use my Art Cocoon panel holders with this easel. Makes it less messy to transport a wet painting home!


Summer Sycamore, 8x10, oil on Richeson gesso board, gray toned.



Saturday, August 29, 2015

Saturday Plein Air - Gallant Farm

Today we painted at Gallant Farm, part of the Delaware County Ohio park district, where they have built a lovely (new) homestead with a new home filled with all donated antique decor. This is our third time painting at this farm. There are lots of views to paint. I decided to paint the Morning Glory vine at the corner of the house. I really have a hard time painting architecture with all the straight lines, especially in oils.  I keep trying to get more experience, so this was just a small amount of the house siding and a partial window. Still was pretty tough for me!

 My block-in:
 By the way, Gamblin Chromatic Black mixed with Cad Yellow Light makes a great foliage green!
 Moving along:

Below was as far as I could go in the field. The window really bothered me and so once I got home I worked on the painting about another hour.
 Forgive the strange glare on the bottom window pane. Below is my final painting:
Morning Glory, 8x10, oil on panel