Saturday, August 29, 2015

Saturday Plein Air - Gallant Farm

Today we painted at Gallant Farm, part of the Delaware County Ohio park district, where they have built a lovely (new) homestead with a new home filled with all donated antique decor. This is our third time painting at this farm. There are lots of views to paint. I decided to paint the Morning Glory vine at the corner of the house. I really have a hard time painting architecture with all the straight lines, especially in oils.  I keep trying to get more experience, so this was just a small amount of the house siding and a partial window. Still was pretty tough for me!

 My block-in:
 By the way, Gamblin Chromatic Black mixed with Cad Yellow Light makes a great foliage green!
 Moving along:

Below was as far as I could go in the field. The window really bothered me and so once I got home I worked on the painting about another hour.
 Forgive the strange glare on the bottom window pane. Below is my final painting:
Morning Glory, 8x10, oil on panel

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