Friday, October 27, 2006

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Goodbye San Diego!!


This boat below was used in the Russell Crowe movie, Master and Commander...

After Class

Got my cab back to the hotel and decided to take one last walk along the harbor in the sun. Took lots of pics... a couple more of the US Midway museum, the boardwalk along there, and a new cruise ship.

Stopped at the Fish Grotto again for dinner. Had to have that lobster and avocado salad one more time. I was seated right beside the water with this view:

The cruise ship was docked right beside the Grotto and while eating, the cruise ship left port. Cool!
The yacht below, had a small boat riding piggy-back:

Last Day, and the Sun Appears....

Aha! My last full day here, and the sun finally appears. Still, it is only about 65 degrees. Look at that bright blue sky! My hotel is the one to the left, kinda pink in color. The Hyatt towers are in the center.

Last day in class. It went well. For lunch, the teacher suggested a little hole in the wall place on C St. "The Downtown Fish Joint". Had a wonderful fresh salmon taco. This was only $3.95. One nice size salmon fillet, grilled to order, on a flour tortilla, a bed of shredded cabbage, topped with fresh made salsa, and a bit of sour cream. Wonderful.

After lunch, I saw a discount store and ducked in for some lunch power shopping. Would you believe, I bought a WINTER coat in San Diego? Cute little black quilted jacket for only $39. Found a couple cute tops too...

Monday, October 16, 2006

Power Shopping

Here's a shot from my balcony of a Navy ship heading into port. Note the closeup of the guys standing onboard.

Went to Seaport Village again tonight. Decided it was time for some real power shopping. Found a nice shop where I bought a pink opal- pinky ring, and some diachonic (sp?) glass earrings. Also had to have the standard sweatshirt jacket with SAN DIEGO across the front. Bargain shopper that I am, the one I picked had a flaw, so got 10% off.

Then I went to Buster's Beach Shack for dinner. Had coconut shrimp over mango rice.

Here's a couple more pics out my balcony. Look at that skyline! That's the local rail commuter trainline under the row of palm trees.

New Room, New View

The weather here has been cold. 65 cloudy. "They' say this is San Diego this time of year.... so much for CA sunshine!!!

Class went well today. Except, I drank way too much coffee... now have the shakes.
Class was held in the Wells Fargo Plaza building downtown on the 6th floor. For lunch I went strolling down B street, and found an authentic spanish Tapas bar. Rachael Ray would be proud of me. I thought I'd give it a shot. Had their "Taste of Spain" lunch special. This was a "sample of some traditional Tasca tapas, a selection of grilled Spanish sausages, ensaladilla rusa, baked garlic, Spanish cheeses, marinated olives, jamon serrano and tortilla espanola". Very interesting, but way too much food.... Sounds like a salad for dinner tonight.

I have a new room with a new view. The last two nights, there is some kind of machinery connected to the hotel. I was on the 4th floor directly over this thing. Some kind of generator of some sort.... it would start up about every hour... Sounded like a garbage truck screeching around the corner.... it woke me every time... I complained and while I was downtown in class, they moved me to the 10th floor around the other side of the building - New view. Now to the southwest, with the Coronado Bridge and island in view, with Seaport Village directly below...

Sunday, October 15, 2006


How's that for a day? It was cold again today. 65 and cloudy. Not so bad for a fair-haired gal, but this sure isn't California weather! It is supposed to be like this all week. Still, I love San Diego.

After I returned to the harbor area, I walked around at Seaport Village again. Had a great 'cashew turtle', then walked to The Fish Market for dinner. I had a combo of snapper, shrimp and scallops. Nice, but not as good as last night's dinner. Then walked back to the hotel and started downloading the pics.

Went down for free happy hour here in the hotel, and had an Amber Bach from Busch. My new favorite beer.

I am now charging the battery pack and clearing off the compact flash card....

Tomorrow is my class at 9am....

Balboa Park

I LOVED BALBOA PARK. Too bad my battery died. I would have took lots of pics of the beautiful architecture - classic spanish californian. Most of these buildings were built for the World's fairs in the 30's.

This organ was built in 1931. Today there was a concert. I listened to 3 songs...that was enough...

Look at those roots! COOL.

Spanish Market at Balboa - loved the painted cobblestones.

This ficus tree was planted in 1931...

The Komoto dragon ate my batteries...

So many pics, that my battery died. I was trying to reserve power for Balboa Park.


Zoo scenes