Monday, October 16, 2006

New Room, New View

The weather here has been cold. 65 cloudy. "They' say this is San Diego this time of year.... so much for CA sunshine!!!

Class went well today. Except, I drank way too much coffee... now have the shakes.
Class was held in the Wells Fargo Plaza building downtown on the 6th floor. For lunch I went strolling down B street, and found an authentic spanish Tapas bar. Rachael Ray would be proud of me. I thought I'd give it a shot. Had their "Taste of Spain" lunch special. This was a "sample of some traditional Tasca tapas, a selection of grilled Spanish sausages, ensaladilla rusa, baked garlic, Spanish cheeses, marinated olives, jamon serrano and tortilla espanola". Very interesting, but way too much food.... Sounds like a salad for dinner tonight.

I have a new room with a new view. The last two nights, there is some kind of machinery connected to the hotel. I was on the 4th floor directly over this thing. Some kind of generator of some sort.... it would start up about every hour... Sounded like a garbage truck screeching around the corner.... it woke me every time... I complained and while I was downtown in class, they moved me to the 10th floor around the other side of the building - New view. Now to the southwest, with the Coronado Bridge and island in view, with Seaport Village directly below...

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