Friday, July 30, 2010

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Oil Painting - Leatherlips Yacht Club - On Shore

The group met at Leatherlips Yacht Club in Dublin Ohio today. Sounds glamorous but was just a casual sailing club on the river.
It was a miserable day. Oppressive heat, sun and humidity. We had a nice size group surprisingly, but everyone was drenched with sweat and wore out before noon. I struggled with trying to get the architecture of the boats correct and with being uncomfortable with the weather, didn't have much fun.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Oil Painting - After Marine

Hey! I actually painted in my new studio last night! I finally got the lighting installed and I needed to give it a try. I mounted a standard fluorescent light fixture with two 'sunshine bulbs' in the ceiling of my studio at the condo. Much better than at the old house, where there were no overhead fixtures. I used to have to use multiple clamp-on style fixtures. I tried many types of bubs, but always felt that the lighting spot lighted the canvas and I over compensated with too bright or too dark values. With the new fixture, it is much better having a nice wash of light.

I decided I needed quite a bit of practice to get back in the groove of oil painting, so I am using several of my favorite daily painter blogs' paintings as reference. I do not plan on exhibiting my paintings of these subjects in public, nor selling them, or even finishing them, but using them as learning tools as artists have done for centuries. This practice was more about the application process than the end result and to get back into mixing colors/values. I worked on this painting for about an hour and felt I did good. Its not really 'done' - there is much that needs corrected and refined. It does not look too much like the artist's work other than the subject layout, but I figure I got back what I was wanting so I will move on to another example. This was painted on Judson's 'carton' board which I coated with black gesso. The boards are cheap stuff and not precious enough to worry about creating a masterpiece and wasting a more expensive support. It's a thin tan colored cardboard that has been treated with resin, then I added the black gesso to experiment.  I will save the more expensive panels for my own designs.

Here is my 'student work' from last night using a painting from the wonderful painter, Carol Marine, as reference:
"After Marine"  8 x 10, oil on carton board coated with black gesso

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Painting at Schnormeier Gardens

We painted near Gambier Ohio today at a wonderful place, Schnormeier Gardens. It was really a great experience. I knew I wanted to spend alot of my time just enjoying the gardens, so I packed light with a small backpack with watercolor supplies and my digital camera. The weather was perfect, mid-80's and bright blue sky. I roamed all over the grounds taking lots of photos, but stopping occasionally to take in the vistas. I took many photos, but way too many to post here, so please follow the above link to their photos.
The Schnormeier family has lovingly built this paradise in the rolling hills of Ohio. It's a private garden. They only open it up once a year for an Open House, and occasionally to special appointments. My painting group was lucky to have the opportunity to have the whole place to ourselves.

I finally settled into the Quarry Garden area, which to me looks like a grotto. I was cooled by the limestone and the light spray from the water falling from the upper ledge as it hit the shallow pool below. I decided to take a video with my camera (with sound!)....

Here is a snapshot of the area and below is my quick watercolor. Its been awhile since I worked in watercolor.

We had our usual critique session and I headed back towards home. I was enjoying the hour drive as my favorite Saturday afternoon radio show was on, This American Life. I stopped for lunch and also at a nice farmer's market where I got some beautiful produce. I got one of the best cantaloupes I've had for several years. All in all, a really nice Saturday. 

One last video of a different area of the garden, for your viewing pleasure:

Friday, July 09, 2010

Oil Painting - Old Pump House

Here's the painting I did on Saturday. I did a little more to it last night so will consider it done. I am so rusty - need to get back in the groove, and back to basics.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Some pics of the condo

Here's a few shots of the condo. Because of the bright sun coming in the windows, everything looks a bit washed out in these pictures. I didn't bother taking a picture of the guest room upstairs or the baths. But its a total of a bit over 1800 sq ft. You can see the sun room through the doorway in the living room. I'd posted pics of the sun room several posts back.

I took a couple extra days off work over the 4th to get the rest of the boxes unpacked and the garage organized. I'm really comfortable and so happy in the new place. I've met lots of the other condo residents and everyone seems very nice. Now if the weather would just cool down a little bit, I could get back out and do some walking and biking in my new neighborhood! I guess I should check out the complex pool instead - I used to live at the pool when I was a kid, but its been years and am feeling a bit shy about heading down there. The "Welcome Committee" ladies did stop by my condo the first week I was here and gave me a tour of the pool and workout room.

Above, is a shot of the master bedroom with my abstract painting hanging on the wall (I had shown this painting on the blog about 6 weeks ago).

Views of Peachblow

Here are some shots of Gail's property:

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Painting at Peach Blow Pottery farm

I finally joined the group on Saturday to paint. I think its been about 5-6 weeks since I joined them. We painted at the farm of potter, Gail Russell of Peachblow Pottery.  Gail is a lovely lady who welcomed us to paint on her property. What a restful relaxing place to paint! I can't remember a more enjoyable time painting. I got a painting started, but will need to do some more work to it before I let you see it, but here is a quick hint - here's a picture of my new studio with my painting still in my pochade box on top of my drawing table. Once I get it finished I'll post the painting.