Saturday, July 17, 2010

Painting at Schnormeier Gardens

We painted near Gambier Ohio today at a wonderful place, Schnormeier Gardens. It was really a great experience. I knew I wanted to spend alot of my time just enjoying the gardens, so I packed light with a small backpack with watercolor supplies and my digital camera. The weather was perfect, mid-80's and bright blue sky. I roamed all over the grounds taking lots of photos, but stopping occasionally to take in the vistas. I took many photos, but way too many to post here, so please follow the above link to their photos.
The Schnormeier family has lovingly built this paradise in the rolling hills of Ohio. It's a private garden. They only open it up once a year for an Open House, and occasionally to special appointments. My painting group was lucky to have the opportunity to have the whole place to ourselves.

I finally settled into the Quarry Garden area, which to me looks like a grotto. I was cooled by the limestone and the light spray from the water falling from the upper ledge as it hit the shallow pool below. I decided to take a video with my camera (with sound!)....

Here is a snapshot of the area and below is my quick watercolor. Its been awhile since I worked in watercolor.

We had our usual critique session and I headed back towards home. I was enjoying the hour drive as my favorite Saturday afternoon radio show was on, This American Life. I stopped for lunch and also at a nice farmer's market where I got some beautiful produce. I got one of the best cantaloupes I've had for several years. All in all, a really nice Saturday. 

One last video of a different area of the garden, for your viewing pleasure:


laura said...

I just love your painting! The subject and the colors you've used, and the brushwork, reminds of Cezanne!

Nartizt said...

Thanks Laura!!