Saturday, October 14, 2017

New Pastel Paper

I've been using the UArt brand of sanded pastel paper for a few years. It had only come in a tan color until recently when they released a "dark" paper. Depending on the grit selected, the color goes from almost black to a charcoal grey. I bought some 500 grit Dark and gave it a test run today.

We were painting at a local farm and I wanted to see how this new paper would work for plein air work. I was only using a limited selection of NuPastel sticks today, to keep my setup light and compact.

I was painting the chicken coop next to the big barn. My paper was 6x8", so I needed to keep things simple. I did not add a chicken as they were not visible from my view.

I found the paper worked just like the tan color, but I had a hard time getting the colors to pop against the black. My painting did not show the brightness of the day. With my limited selection of pastels, it was difficult. I feel this color paper would work really well for studio work and having my full selection of pastels available. This paper should work really nicely for some really bright subject matter, such as flowers.

Chicken Run, 6x8", pastel on UArt Dark 500.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Annual Retreat

Every year, I organize a painting retreat with my painting buddies up at Lake Erie. I usually have trouble getting settled enough to paint, but this year, I had a couple paintings that I am happy with. One of my friends asked me to do a 2 hour pastel class on Thursday morning to get us warmed up. I had four students. I'd used a photo I'd taken last year at the retreat for the reference during the class.

Here is the finished demo. I really like this one!
 My next painting was in oil. I setup in front of the tabernacle.

The next day, I painted two paintings. Several of us painted at the marina along the river. A couple of us liked the view across the river with the Foxy Lady and the colorful kayaks. I was working in pastel.
But surprise! We just got setup and the owner came along to get it ready to take out on the lake. I was able to get the teal cover in place on my surface before he removed it. While he cleaned the boat, I was able to get more of the boat drawn in, and then he left!

After lunch back at the lodge, several of us drove out to the Vermilion River park south of town. This is always a tough scene to paint, but it's fun to be painting right down in the riverbed. Not sure it reads correctly, but we had fun!

The last day, I sat on a bench overlooking the beach and lake. There was a family on the beach and I used that as my center of interest.
As I was painting, the mother asked if she could buy my painting! I said certainly, and she said she would check with hubby down on the beach. Soon after, her son came up from behind, and said he wanted to buy it as a surprise for his mother! YES! I got it prepared for him to pickup later by adding a white mat and putting it into a clear bag. Love selling off the easel!!
In the afternoon we had an art sale for the public of the new paintings along with a few others from home. I sold another pastel brought from home that was framed of lemon slices. The gal said it was her birthday! Perfect!

Here's a shot of the paintings that came home:

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Central Ohio Plein Air exhibit

“Dog Days of Summer: COPA at the Brown Family Environmental
Center of Kenyon College”
July 29 through September 22, 2017,  9781 Laymon Road, Gambier Ohio

Members of the Central Ohio Plein Air group were asked to paint on the grounds of the Brown Family Environment Center at Kenyon College in July to prepare for a plein air exhibit at the center. The painters were required to select scenes within the 480 acre preserve.

Please join the artists for the Opening Reception:
Saturday, July 29, 2017 from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The Center is open M-F 8:30-4:30. The exhibit will hang until September 22. Below is the postcard for the exhibit, with my painting which was completed on the grounds last Labor Day:


Wednesday, July 12, 2017

How Loose?

Been finishing up some pieces in the studio begun as plein air paintings. I always struggle to get photos of my art which, to me, look like the actual art. I have several good cameras, and my cellphone of course, but when I post things online - they sure don't show the heart of what I painted. I know most artists struggle with this same dilemma. Everyone has a different device and screen to view photos online, so it's a mute point to worry about it. So, my advice, go see the art in person!

With that said, here is the piece I finished last night. I wanted a loose feeling and push away from local color. I worked more intuitively on this piece and didn't copy the actual scene.

I am preparing art for an upcoming exhibit with my local plein air group. This piece may be included, although I have one more to paint and have to decide on which of the four paintings will be hung. In the next blog post, I will include information on the exhibit - so go see art in person and feel the heart of the artist in all the paintings!

Saturday, July 08, 2017

Painting the Day Lilies

My group painted today at a small family owned day lily farm. We had over 30 painters show up, which is a big group!

It was overwhelming with all the beautiful varieties of lilies. I painted with pastels and set up just down the small hill below the rows, looking up. Painting flower heads are pretty difficult, so I just painted them all.

Sunday, July 02, 2017

So Behind in Posting!

I am so behind in posting on this blog. What with working full time, and having the instant posting off my cellphone to Instagram, I just haven't kept up with adding multiple adventures to this blog!

So this will be a big photo dump! Will try to keep up with the blog from now on, as it's an important tool for myself, let alone all you fans out there! These are quick cellphone photos. Seems like I am missing a few, but here we go!

Painting with COPA at Jeffrey Mansion in the spring! Pastel
Painting at Park of Roses around Memorial day with friends:

Painting with COPA at Franklin Park, June 17:
Experimenting with Neocolor II water soluble crayons as underpaintings for pastel:

Using the Neocolor II crayons under pastels - in the field in Granville Ohio June 24 - lots of fun!

And painting with COPA on July 1st at Griggs reservoir, Scioto river, oils on panel. Took too much time chatting and not enough time painting, so ran out of time to finish in the field. Finished this in the studio.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

DAAL Annual Paint Old Dublin

Although I do not belong to the local art group, Dublin Area Art League (DAAL), I like to support my fellow artists. DAAL has an annual paint out of old Dublin with a contest open to all artists. This was the second year I participated. Last year was a dreary wet day. This year, it was overcast (until I was nearing completion), and after I finished, we had a rain shower.

I setup my easel near Le Chatelaine restaurant and liked the view of the corner of the building. Once I was finished, I had to frame and turn in the painting on the spot. I did not get a good closeup shot.

"Shady Corner", 8x10 oil on panel

Strike While the Muse is Hot!

I've been posting more on Instagram than my blog!
Check out my stuff there if you're on Instagram! Makes it really easy to post from my smartphone and then I forget my poor old blog.

I realized I had another painting to show here of the latest barn painting. I was so inspired with the photos I took of the two old barns a couple weeks ago, I had to paint one more scene! Here are some process shots.

I had a bit of trouble with the angles of the barn. In the end, I just settled with what I thought looked fine for my painting, and not a match for the photo. It was a strange angle and not enough of the roof line was visible to show the hip roof correctly. 
I wanted to focus on the corner of the barn where the overhang was sagging and the flowers below that. I got to this stage, and the paint was too wet, so had to let it sit for a day.
Below is the finished painting. I struggled through, and there could be other improvements, but I don't like to overwork at painting.
"Forgotten Barn", 8x10 oil on panel

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Studio Painting, "Two Old Barns"

I took several interesting photos last Saturday, so wanted to get right into painting. I printed out a photo, but it printed in black and white, which can be helpful. Then I printed it in color. Of course, the values were extreme in the photo. So, I attempted correct that in my painting.

 Process shots below:
 The shadow of the door crack on the right barn landed right at the edge of the damaged sheet metal roofing that was hanging down. It was confusing.
 So, I wiped it out.

 And eventually put it back in a bit to the right. Below is the final painting. 
"Two Old Barns", oil on panel 8x10"