Friday, December 01, 2017

New Studio Work!

YAY! Back in the studio again! I tried to paint from life in the studio, but my schedule works better to paint from photographs. I project the photos from a thumb drive to my studio TV. Much better than trying to print them out. In addition to the paintings below I've shot a few more photos that might make good paintings, so check back soon!

I'm pretty happy with these two paintings! Both are oil on gessobord.

The first one is a 6x6". This is a little pot thrown by my friend Karen Lohr. If you look closely in the first photo - to the right on the table you can see the pot shown in the photo and painting. Love this little pot!

"Lemons with Karen's Pottery", 6x6", oil on panel
This next one is a 6x8". I've seen many paintings posted online of eggs. I thought I'd give it a try, using my cobalt blue pot and plate.

"Blue Plate Special", 6x8" oil on panel

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