Sunday, December 28, 2008

Portrait #5 - Pastel on Sueded Mat Board

I've decided this is the one I will submit to Karin's challenge. Although it really doesn't look like the gal in the photo, this one really appeals to me because it LOOKS like a painting. The first one in the posting "Portrait #1" more closely resembles the model, but it looks more like a PHOTO to me.

This one is about 10" x 12" on white sueded mat board (although the first two photos show it cream). I really like this one. I can't decide if I like this one full size or cropped as in the last photo.

I would really like your input as to which of the 5 different portraits (from the last several posts) you like the best and why? Thanks!

Portrait #4 - 15 Minute Exercise

Here is a quick 15 minute pastel done on my favorite surface - sueded mat board - like working on 'budda'... I like this alot, although it really doesn't look like the model. This is about 4" x 7". This was a warm up exercise to the next entry which turned out pretty good too.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Portrait #3 - Watercolor on Cold Press

Well, here is my attempt at my normal watercolor paper. First, it looked like she had 'helmet head'. It's hard to paint someone with their hair pulled back. Then it turned into mud. In the last photo, I tried to just get wild with the paint, and when it was wet, it was more vibrant. Not a good painting, but I feel every painting session is a learning experience.

Tomorrow I will do one more, in pastel on my favorite sueded mat board, and then make a final decision on which one to submit.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Portrait #2 - Watercolor on Yupo

In this attempt, I used Yupo synthetic paper with watercolors. I have seen some really interesting paintings using this paper and really wanted to give it a try. Hmmmm, well, I was frustrated. I had trouble with the preliminary sketch's pencil line resisting the paint. I had trouble getting the paint thick enough to dry as dark as I'd like. I tried drying the layers, but when I put a new layer on top, it would move/remove the previous layer. I also needed to keep the paper flat as the paint wanted to move all over, so ended up with alot of mud.

In the third photo down, I had added dry watercolor pencils on top to fine tune some areas. In the last photo at the bottom, I used Sharpie black marker to try to give it some more definition.

I don't like this one much. Goes without saying.... I won't be submitting this one to Karin's challenge, but thought it would be fun for the girl in the photo to see my process here.

Portrait #1 - Pastel on Colorfix

My first attempt of the unknown person I was given to paint for the DSDF Portrait Challenge. This was my first time using Colorfix Pastel paper. I chose army green because it was the compliment to orangey skin tone. This is a sanded paper and seemed pretty messy - the pastels seemed to lay on top until I blended them down. I used my finger and now its sore! I will use a paper stump if I use this paper again. I am pretty happy with this one, but since I have several days off until the deadline, I will try some other mediums before I decide which one to submit.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Time off

I've decided to take the winter off from painting classes. Its become so cold and nasty here in Ohio, so very early in the season. I hate to traipse around in the dark, cold, slippery evening to go to class by myself. So I plan to do more stuff on my own. Perhaps I will take some workshops later on. I will continue to work on the Different Strokes challenges, as I am really enjoying these.

Last night, as I sat on my butt in front of the boob-tube, I got out my sketchpad and markers to start working on a plan for the portrait that Karin sent me for the current challenge. I like using the markers as you can't erase and you have to simplify. I have no idea who this gal is, but she is also painting my portrait, so it will be great fun in the end to see what each of us have done.

I did the top right sketch first. Quick and easy. I like it, but it looks nothing like the gal. The next one was the upper left. Looks more like a young Bill Clinton than the young lady in my photo! Sorry!!?! Why are noses so hard to draw??? I tried drawing just a detached nose (in the middle left) good... I then did the lower right. Not bad, but still - that nose!! So then I tried just using a pencil for the lower left. A bit more refined but the eyes are too close together cause I was cramped on space....
I was too chicken to use my new watercolor/sketch journal book for these sketches. Hated to waste the nice watercolor paper. Maybe I need to buy one that is just sketch paper.....Well, it all takes practice and I have plenty of time to work it out. There are several new surfaces (both for watercolor and pastels) that I want to use this time for the final portrait, so I plan on doing multiple paintings and will see which works best. I will post each experiment here and give you a review of the surface.

I do notice that I seem to prefer my work to look more like an illustration instead of a fine art painting. Maybe I need to work harder on that technique.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Monday, December 15, 2008

Different Strokes Painting - Boots

My latest watercolor using Karin's photo of her favorite boots. I think these turned out pretty good! I got some Winsor & Newton paints, and guess quality products really help.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Paintings of the Week - More Sketching with Sharpies

Our task in class last night, again, was to sketch with Sharpies, but we were to draw things that were in front of us in the studio instead of using photographs. Just some fun sketches instead of trying to create masterpieces. Its kinda like coloring with crayons in a coloring book again. Funny how the permanence of the Sharpie ink makes playing easy, instead of pencil lines that fade into the background.

None of these are great pieces of art, but they are fun to look at - nice and loose. My favorite turned out to be the top image. What I like about this one is the violet merging with the burnt sienna and indigo blue. Indigo was one of my favorite pigments, but I think violet might have it beat.

I have noticed a number of the artist blogs I visit show the artist using travel sketch pads filled with watercolor paper. Some use them to journal, but others just like to use pen/ink and pigment for everyday sketching. I purchased my first pad this week, and hope to start using it quite often for quick studies such as these shown in this post. And of course, I will be showing them here.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Pastel - Buddha

My latest pastel using Karin's photo. I planned on painting this over the long weekend, but I just never seemed to get to it. I did this in a rush last night.