Thursday, December 25, 2008

Portrait #2 - Watercolor on Yupo

In this attempt, I used Yupo synthetic paper with watercolors. I have seen some really interesting paintings using this paper and really wanted to give it a try. Hmmmm, well, I was frustrated. I had trouble with the preliminary sketch's pencil line resisting the paint. I had trouble getting the paint thick enough to dry as dark as I'd like. I tried drying the layers, but when I put a new layer on top, it would move/remove the previous layer. I also needed to keep the paper flat as the paint wanted to move all over, so ended up with alot of mud.

In the third photo down, I had added dry watercolor pencils on top to fine tune some areas. In the last photo at the bottom, I used Sharpie black marker to try to give it some more definition.

I don't like this one much. Goes without saying.... I won't be submitting this one to Karin's challenge, but thought it would be fun for the girl in the photo to see my process here.

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