Saturday, April 23, 2016

Saturday Plein Air - Alum Creek Old Park Office Pond

Today dawned COLD and grey, in the forties. Expecting the weather to improve, I didn't dress warm enough! Even the swallows looked puffed up trying to keep warm. There was also a bald eagle circling the pond while we worked!

Even so, a good number of artists met at the old park office at Alum Creek. There is a nice little pond there with a path all the way around. With the grey overcast sky, there wasn't a subject matter that really appealed to me, but tried to settle in and paint.

I worked about an hour and a half and finally had to stop - too cold! It could use some work, but I will just leave this as is:

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Saturday Plein Air - Indian Run

Finally, Mother Nature blessed us with a beautiful Saturday morning! This view of the dead, twisted tree caught my eye, and although I needed to face the sun to paint, I put on my visor and gave it a shot.

I worked on a piece of putty colored 320 grit Pastel Premier today. This is a bit too rough for my taste.

I thought I had taken several in-process shots but only have a few. One from my camera in the field at the beginning, one mid-painting from cellphone, then one from studio.

I could do more but will leave this painting as was done in the field.