Monday, November 13, 2017

Another Slump

I think I am moving out of another one of my frequent art "slumps". I've learned over the years, that I have several of these a year. I seem to have one in the fall and once the weather gets colder and dark earlier I usually get busy in the studio again. Although I am still working full-time, unless I already have a project started, I don't feel very creative coming home from work. I do most of my painting on the weekends.

I had recently tried to paint a couple 6x6" still life and wasn't happy with the results. Then decided that I just needed to paint something and picked one of the contemporary painters who I follow to study. I copied one of their paintings, so I will not show it here complete. It will stay in my private collection as I do not use another artists' work - paintings or photographs - as a reference for my own art.

This was a lesson to get out of my rut and it was really fun! I learned quite a bit, didn't understand what they saw in certain passages, but in the end, I really like the painting. I will take what I learned here to attempt my own still life painting.

I'll leave you a tiny snippet of my version here:

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