Monday, September 18, 2017

Annual Retreat

Every year, I organize a painting retreat with my painting buddies up at Lake Erie. I usually have trouble getting settled enough to paint, but this year, I had a couple paintings that I am happy with. One of my friends asked me to do a 2 hour pastel class on Thursday morning to get us warmed up. I had four students. I'd used a photo I'd taken last year at the retreat for the reference during the class.

Here is the finished demo. I really like this one!
 My next painting was in oil. I setup in front of the tabernacle.

The next day, I painted two paintings. Several of us painted at the marina along the river. A couple of us liked the view across the river with the Foxy Lady and the colorful kayaks. I was working in pastel.
But surprise! We just got setup and the owner came along to get it ready to take out on the lake. I was able to get the teal cover in place on my surface before he removed it. While he cleaned the boat, I was able to get more of the boat drawn in, and then he left!

After lunch back at the lodge, several of us drove out to the Vermilion River park south of town. This is always a tough scene to paint, but it's fun to be painting right down in the riverbed. Not sure it reads correctly, but we had fun!

The last day, I sat on a bench overlooking the beach and lake. There was a family on the beach and I used that as my center of interest.
As I was painting, the mother asked if she could buy my painting! I said certainly, and she said she would check with hubby down on the beach. Soon after, her son came up from behind, and said he wanted to buy it as a surprise for his mother! YES! I got it prepared for him to pickup later by adding a white mat and putting it into a clear bag. Love selling off the easel!!
In the afternoon we had an art sale for the public of the new paintings along with a few others from home. I sold another pastel brought from home that was framed of lemon slices. The gal said it was her birthday! Perfect!

Here's a shot of the paintings that came home:


Terri Ruh said...

Very nice!

laura said...

Great work--you were very productive!

Robie Benve said...

Wonderful paintings Nancy, and congratulations on the sales. What a successful retreat!