Saturday, May 19, 2012

Plein Air Saturday - Yoder Farm

We traveled to near Danville, Ohio today to paint at the Amish farm of the Yoder family. They have a family bakery. They were very generous and open to us taking any photos we'd like (most Amish do not allow photos). When we first arrived, the young Amish man offered to take us up into the back of the farm to the top of the big hill above where the goats where grazing. We sat in his brand new wagon pulled by the draft horses, "Dan and Duddley". Also along for the ride were a pile of cute Amish kids too. They really gave me the 'eye', with my pink/glitter toenails. The Amish man was a really nice and did a really good commentary as we rode along.

The bakery was having a special anniversary celebration today, and they had free food for everyone who stopped by. Freshly made glazed donuts, hot soft pretzels, ice cream and coffee. I purchased a loaf of spelt oatmeal bread. 

The weather was perfect! We had a nice size group of painters today. I painted two paintings today. The first is on the new Arches Oil paper which I mounted on a hardwood panel. I started out using a palette knife to get the painting started then finished with a brush. 

The second was a quick small painting of a little shed that I viewed between a couple of our cars. I had to finish this one at home. This is painted on Centurian Double Primed linen mounted on a mat board.

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