Sunday, May 06, 2012

Just an observation on Comments/Responses

I read a lot of blogs regularly. I have a long list of favorites which I keep organized on Google Reader. I'd like to make a statement about something which kinda peeves me...

Why, if a blog author allows comments, do they not respond to direct questions - but instead delete the comment? This has happened twice to me in the last couple weeks. I wrote a comment/question on two different blogs. Nothing controversial - just simple questions asking about the subject they wrote about, or giving a suggestion of someone who may be able to help them with the problem they stated in their post.....


I was waiting for a response....waiting....waiting..I looked again, and my comment was visible on their blogs. Yes, I realize people are busy so I thought maybe they had posted the response on the blog and not emailed me back. So I looked at both blogs today. Both my comments were deleted. How sad is that???

No, neither of these women know me personally. One, I know via her other family members and the other I have been following for several years after I found her blog link by chance from another blog. But if you make your blog open to the whole world and not private - and have comments turned on -  I feel you need to respond to your audience either privately or on the comment section. Perhaps I am taking this too personally, but I thought they were both pretty rude!

On my blogs, I have 'comment moderation' set so that I can approve comments before they show up on the blog. This is to deter spam comments. So, I DO read each comment that is left on my blogs. I may not reply with a thank you to each general post, but when someone asks a direct question, I either comment back on the blog or privately by email.

I hope I have never offended one of my readers by not responding to their comments. I apologize to anyone that didn't get the response they needed.


Nancy Van Blaricom said...

hmmm, I'm not sure if I've ever had my comment deleted or not, but I would tend to agree with you. I think if your blog is public receiving comments is partly what its all about. You build friendships with other people by commenting and having them respond ... a conversation of sorts. I think maybe you need to delete them from you list. *now don'tdelete this..*wink.

Nancy said...

Ha! Thanks Nancy! Glad to hear you agree. Your comments over the years have been important to me.