Monday, April 30, 2012

Studio Work - Cacti

When I was at Zion, Michael talked about using an extreme limited pastel palette. He gave me a few new techniques in applying the harder NuPastel sticks on sanded paper. In the past, I have never had much luck with sanded paper, nor the harder pastels. He really helped me with some demonstrations directly on the piece I was working on at the retreat. So I was itching to give it another try once I got home so I wouldn't forget what I learned! I was pleased how this turned out for a quick Monday evening painting. It is rare for me to work in the studio after working at my full-time job all day.

I worked with a very limited set of colors but not quite as limited as he has used (click on the link in my first sentence above to see his article). I am sure I will get it down to the 14 sticks eventually.  Here is the palette I used, followed by the photo reference.

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