Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday Plein Air – Ruth Ann’s House

Today, we had planned on a road trip down to Hocking Hills, but the weather was cold and wet. So we met in Worthington at Ruth Ann’s house. She has a lovely home on a wooded ravine. Instead of painting her backyard, I had brought a photo from my trip of rocks and cacti.
I started on a dark navy blue colored mat board which I had coated with acrylic matte medium several weeks ago when I was preparing some lightweight boards for traveling. I like the smooth texture of this surface.

I sat on the porch swing while painting under the cover of the porch. I'd hoped the slight movement of the swing would loosen up my brushstrokes! hahaha

Bill Westerman did our critique and here is a link to his slide show:

After I got back home, I used up the paint leftover on the palette by making a little abstract.


Nancy Van Blaricom said...

Thanks for sharing all the photos. Its always fun to see the progressive shots.

You are really becoming an amazing abstract artist. This is another beauty. What size is the abstract?

Nancy said...

Thanks! The abstract is 6x6.

On the cactus painting, I was hoping to get them to pop more, but couldn't get things bright enough. I think it was because of the dark panel, and trying to work on top of really wet paint. But I feel the experience of just putting the 'time' in is more valuable to me than getting a masterpiece.