Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Back Home again!

I had a FANTASTIC time at the Zion retreat! I am back home, and after a long solid night of sleep in my own bed, I am recovering from jet lag and getting the laundry done. Back to normal life! I took a couple days off work to recover.

If you would like to experience what I did in Zion National Park, Michael Chesley Johnson is planning another retreat in 2014!



Nancy Van Blaricom said...

Hey, welcome home. Your trip sounds like it was a huge success. Did you use pastels exclusively?

Nancy said...

No, I used oils in the early part of the week (so they would dry before the trip home), then pastels near the end. I mainly used the faster drying Gamblin Fast Matte oils.

Wende said...

It looks amazing!! And your work is simply stunning. Thank you for sharing!