Saturday, April 19, 2014

Saturday Plein Air - Coffman Park

Another beautiful Saturday for painting! It was a bit brisk with a northerly breeze. We painted at Coffman Park in Dublin Ohio today. I chose to paint another pine. I enjoy the shapes.

 I continue to experiment with surfaces and today I tried painting on a board I made with linen mounted to Gatorboard, then mixed up a grey Gesso for the ground. Two things I disliked was the surface did not cover well and it was too dark. I like an oil primed surface much better than the acrylic Gesso.

I also experimented with toning my palette the same color so that there was not a big difference in value when mixing and applying the paint to the canvas. Again, I made it too dark. I also noticed that many painters place their palette vertically so that the light hitting both the palette and canvas is the same. This worked well for me.

I'm not happy with my painting, but enjoy learning from my experiments. Here are process shots:

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