Sunday, April 20, 2014

Organizing and Simplifying My Pastel Plein Air Box

I spent a couple hours today trying to simplify my plein air pastel setup. I own a nice Heilman Back Packer size pastel box, but sometimes it is still too heavy and too many pastels.

I own several different plein air pochades and use each for different situations. I wanted to use one of my smallest, the EasyL ProChade for pastels occasionally, so found a way to use it. Because of the interior structure of the ProChade, it is difficult to be able to keep the pastels inside when closed, so I needed portable boxes that would sit nicely when the easel is open. 
I had this tin that would work nicely, so I added some foam and went to work deciding on how to pick which ones from this large pile - would fit in this small tin!  :
I already had a small NuPastel box that I had filled with a variety of hard pastel brands and put the larger soft pastels into the new tin - seems perfect!!
 Here is a view from left to right - my studio tray, the open Heilman, and the new selection in the open EasyL ProChade:

Here they are closed up:

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