Monday, April 21, 2014

Ready to Paint!

I've had a 4-day long weekend and the weather has been fabulous! Today, I puttered around in the garage getting some panels coated with gesso for oil painting. I love spending a day puttering, getting art supplies ready or designing new stuff to make things easier. 

I should have been doing laundry, but while the gesso was drying I finalized my pastel setup for plein air. It's always a pain on Friday evening to decide and collect all the stuff I need for Saturday mornings' paint-outs. Now I have it ready to go!

Below are pictures of everything I should need and it fits into a smaller backpack:
 I still have room for other things, but this should be enough stuff:
As shown below, I have the EasyL ProChade, a small sketchbook for thumbnails, a microfiber cloth, my tin full of soft pastels, my box of hard pastels, a backer board with an attached cover with glassine, four pieces of pastel paper between mat board, and a small plastic container with Invisible Gloves, Spectrafix, alcohol, artist's tape, a pencil, a piece of pipe foam, scissors, and rubber bands and then my tripod and the bag.
Now I need to get a little set of oil painting supplies ready to quickly change out the pastel stuff. Painting out of doors is hard enough, but having your supplies figured out really helps make it easier.

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laura said...

Enjoyed reading your excitement! (The hell with laundry, and dishes, and sweeping and mopping ...).
Few things are as much fun as surveying and gathering the supplies, except getting out there.
Have a grand time.