Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Tease

Dear Oil Paints,
You know how we had that talk this week about taking a break. You must have somehow known about my lovely day yesterday with Pastels, as this morning when I looked at my email there was a message there from you teasing me about how much you want to be in my life!

The plein air artists and staff at the Park of Roses event a couple Saturdays ago voted and the final tally announced. That painting we created together at our romantic day at the Park of Roses was chosen to win THIRD PLACE!
Maybe there is somehow we can work on our relationship if we can put in many hours of work.....


Anonymous said...

Funny post ... but most of all CONGRATULATIONS !!!
Isn't that the way it goes ... you think 'ok, this isn't working for me' and the universe says 'its working, don't be so impatient. Lovely painting and again congrats. Well deserved.

Nancy said...

Thanks "Anonymous"!!

Nancy Van Blaricom said...

What the heck ... that was me NOT some anonymous person. How on earth did I do that?
Anyway, congratulations.

Nancy said...

Ha! Hi Nancy - maybe you were not signed in when you posted the comment. Anyway! THANKS again!