Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dear Oil Paints...

Dear Oil Paints,
We've been spending pretty much every Saturday morning together at the parks since spring arrived. I've really tried to make our relationship work, but it's been a struggle. I tried mixing it up in the hopes that we could blend our personalities into a happy, pleasing composition. We start out each Saturday fresh, with the hopes that things won't get to the same spot where things just get into a muddy tearful mess. But it just isn't clicking with me right now. Perhaps it is time to take a break.

I need to tell you that my first love Pastels called today and asked to stop by this evening. I've been putting off his advances as I really wanted to make it work with you. But he talked me into giving him a chance, and  came by about 7 this evening. I have to say, it was just like old times. We were so happy and everything just flowed. He made it so easy to just pick up on what he was thinking and every caress on the paper was smooth and silky. It felt SO good. I made him stop early - after only about an hour, even though I could have done more. I really wanted to take my time and not mess it up this time. 

I really want to give him a chance this coming weekend. I hope you aren't hurt, but you and I need to take it one Saturday at a time. I am sure you and I will get together again soon, but I just can't keep my hands off of Pastels. I hope you understand.......

 Spring Green, pastel on PastelMat paper

I'm really loving using the PastelMat paper. I started this one with an under-painting softened into the paper with an alcohol wash as shown below.

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