Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Four Mat Framing Job

How many times do attempt a project before you give up? I was going to simply cut a mat for a pastel and pop it into a frame that will be going into an exhibit on Monday. I've cut many of my own mats, so usually it is an easy process. Tonight I ended up cutting FOUR mats before I got a good one. First, I didn't allow for the correct overlap, the next time the blade didn't cut all the way and when I was removing the waste, the face paper ripped. I figured I needed a new blade, but had no idea where they were. I moved a couple years ago, and although I have lots of storage, I still don't feel like things are organized (obviously!). So, I just flipped the blade over. Too bad it was a dull side also.... but no, I didn't bother to search for the new blades..

On to mat number three, where somehow, I flipped over the mat when I cut one edge. That means the bevel on that one edge was facing to the backside. I gave it one last shot and finally got it right!! Then the process of hanging the pastel on a backing board, cutting another larger mat for a spacer underneath to allow for dust to hide behind (yes! I had three already cut that could be trimmed to work), getting the glass clean (why does it take some much effort to get the glass spotless?? After I got everything put into the frame, as usual, I had to remove everything back out of the frame at least 3 times to get that last speck of dust stuck on the glass. Last thing was to put a dust cover paper on the bakc. Once, again, I had no idea where mine was. Gheez, you'd think I'd be more organized. I ended up using a nice white bond instead of kraft paper.

After all that work, I figured I should at least let you see! This is the plein air pastel from a couple weeks ago at Scioto Park. The colors are a bit subdued in this photo and the mat is white.

This painting is now hanging in the McConnell Arts Center, Worthington Ohio, exhibit "Celebrating Worthington" from now until August 19th. Opening reception and awards on August 9, 6-8pm.

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