Saturday, October 03, 2009

Plein Air Saturday - A Side of Broccoli

The plein air group met near Pickerington Ponds Metro park again. It was a cold blustery day. I arrived late - just can't get going on Saturday morning.

I decided to paint in oils today - my first plein air oil painting! I found it very hard to figure out how much medium to use to be able to finish the painting quickly. I knew my piece needed alot more work, but ran out of time.

We always join together about 11:30am and do a casual critique. The guy critiquing today, said my first attempt looked like there were a couple stalks of broccoli in the middle! I agreed.

This evening, I decided to work on the painting again. I decided to wipe out the middle right tree.
Hmmm. Not much better. I did lower the left side margin tree a bit and thought that was helpful. 

Finally, I decided to just take out the middle tree completely. Much better. I didn't feel alot of excitement about this painting. Not one of my best, but every painting is a learning experience!

'October Sky', 8 x 10, oil on gessoed mat board


Nancy Van Blaricom said...

I've gotta tell you ... when I first looked at the top photo I thought, 'what a soft and pretty painting'. Then I read where the person critiquing said that your painting looked like there was broccoli in the middle and then, but only then, did I see the possibility of vegetables there, *giggle. I think you did a brave thing wiping out the 'broccoli'. It turned out great. And your placement of brigher fall colors in the forground really added some spark ... maybe even call it "movement" traveling through the painting.

Your painting makes me realize that I don't need to copy whats in front of me ... maybe it really doesn't work, try elemenating or adding something. Using my artistic license may make a better painting. I've read this before, but today I think it sunk in. Thank you ... love reading blogs where I learn something! Great post.

Nartizt said...

Thanks for this comment! I too, am slowing learning to just trust my own judgment and do what I feel works. As I have looked at the final painting today, I am beginning to really like it. I think after I add some varnish on top, it will bring out more richness.

Linda Hill said...

Hi Nancy. I met a lady today who is in the plein aire group. She was outside painting in a field off Home Road. She invited me to join the Sat. morning group. Awfully early for me.........but we shall see.

Which medium are you finding you get the most enjoyment out of? You just keep getting better and better. Hope you are well.