Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Oil Painting - Fall in Ohio, edit two

This is what I got done in class last night. I had the shelter house blocked in to the left, as shown in the last post, but I didn't like it. My eye kept being drawn to it and I wanted the trees to be the star. I wiped out all the area below the trees and my teacher came around after I had put the light color patches on the ground. I had planned on working those into a pathway. He thought it looked great as is and said it gave a look of soft mist rising from the ground after a rain, with some puddles on the ground.

It was too wet last night to do much more. In a couple days, I will probably just add a little bit more to the red tree, some bits of orange and yellow to the top, and add just a touch more darks to the grass area.

As always, when I first started working in class last night, it got to the real ugly stage - where you wonder if you have any talent at all and you get real frustrated! I have finally realized that if I just continue on and push ahead, usually it comes around - it might not be a masterpiece, but something that pleases my eye. In the past I would just give up and start something new. Hmmm, makes me realize I need to keep at it with the gouache studies!

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