Monday, October 19, 2009

Play Time - Studies

I've admired Nathan Fowkes' sketchbook studies and wanted to try this myself because I tend to be in a big hurry to get into my painting, without doing some preliminary work ahead of time to insure a better composition. So this weekend I played around with gouache and watercolor on some scrap papers.

On Saturday, I worked on the following three compositions. These were from a picture I took in Sedona about 6 years ago. The paper for these were cut about 5 x 7 and masked off with artist tape.

This was done on pink matboard, probably not the best color, but it was just an experiment. I signed with an opaque white paint marker, but it still wasn't dark enough for me.

This was a similar composition and view. I like the black paper much better.

This was on an oatmeal color cardstock - reminds me of butcher's paper.
I like the pencil for the writing. I like this piece the best.

So, yesterday I got the brilliant idea I needed more colors in gouache. I bought a few colors of grey and a sepia. It didn't work out at all. I think the range was too close on the greys and the sepia too dark for that range.
This is something I want to master - if you can view/create something in grey scale and the composition works, then it will work well in color.
 The following abstract piece was just playing. I had started a scene from a picture at Inniswood, but it just looked terrible, so I just started slashing colors on the paper. Just wasn't working out yesterday for some reason. I think I need to simplify the subject matter.


Nancy Van Blaricom said...

I love his Nathan Fowkes sketchbook studies. I really have to say your gouache & watercolor studies are so cool. You really seem to understand opaque watercolor ... is it because of your pastel work??? ... do more .. you are great at them. I've come back 3 times just to oogle ... really nice.

Nartizt said...

Thanks, I will!