Monday, November 03, 2008

I tried... but it didn't work - Revised

I really tried to paint Karin's newest photo. I used hot press watercolor paper for the first time. Big mistake. I am not a fan! I had worked on this last night, and promptly put it in the trash. This evening, I wanted to start over fresh with pastel, but just didn't have time, so dug out the watercolor and added some pastel pencil on top. Better, but I am still not too happy with it. Still deciding whether to send it on to Karin.

REVISED - I scanned this on the better scanner at work, and it looks much better, so off to Karin it goes!


Diane Morgan said...

Well, I liked it enough to click on your blog! Glad you posted. I think it's cool.

Carol Feldman said...

Nancy, it also drew me to look!
I, too painted on hot press this week ...only by accident. I had tried it for the first time with the white pumpkins of Karin's and threw that attempt away, intending never to use hot press again. Then this week I needed a small piece of paper for a little fork I wanted to paint and accidently used a scrap from the hot press.
Again, I found it totally frustrating. Some people love it. I think we need to find out why!?

dominique eichi said...

Well I love you piece, I love the soft color it has and the nice blends but I particularly love the added darker line you have to highlight certain area's.
I can't wait the see the pedestrians and shadows