Saturday, June 07, 2014

Saturday Plein Air - Stop and Smell the Roses Event

Today was the annual "Stop and Smell the Roses" event at the Whetstone Park of Roses. The Rose Society holds their flower competition, has live music in the gardens, sale of perennials, and our painting group paints!

We have a little competition for the best paintings with cash prizes. The Rose Society and park personnel, along with the participating artists, get to see the photos of the paintings from the day and vote on their favorite - results in a few days or so. Several of our artists sold their paintings off the easel! I had inquiries about both my paintings and handed out many of my business cards.

It's always tough getting just the right color pink for roses. For my first painting, I setup over by a pine tree with these pink roses in front.

Below are some process shots:

After I got home, I made a few slight adjustments.  It was hard getting a photo which really captures the color and texture of this painting:
"Carefree Delight", 8x10, oil on prepared board
 I'd worked fairly quickly on this one and with the sun was beating down I got pretty warm, so I retreated to the perennial gardens  where I could sit on a bench and be in the shade. I decided to paint the white flowers and the yellow daylilies - process shots below:

 Here are both paintings before I packed to head home:

 I adjusted this one a tiny bit at home also:
"Perennials", 8x10, oil on canvas wrapped board
It was a fun day! I can't believe we have had such good luck the last few weeks with the fantastic Saturday weather!

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