Monday, June 02, 2014

More Tinker Time! Folding Hanging Painting Palette

I enjoy the process much more than the result sometimes. This goes for both my painting time and tinkering around the studio with projects. I get a lot of 'painting gear' envy when I see what other artists are building/using online. I am always trying to build something similar cheaper. If the design works for me, then I may buy the real thing.

I own several different styles of oil painting palettes or pochades. Most have the panel holder directly attached to the paint mixing area. I find that a bit confining and wanted to try out the style that has these separate such as the Coulter Art Box and Panel or the Joshua Been Prolific Painter but my budget doesn't allow me to purchase these well made products. I would prefer to put my money into the paint.

I've been thinking about building my own for some time, so finally did it! My version cost me about $40 in materials. Most of that was hardware - hinges, screws, etc. and for the rest I used a luan plywood panel, 3/4" square dowels, and some odds and ends from the junk drawer. I worked on the design for the hanging hook for a long time, going through at least 5 different designs. It took alot of trial and error, and fitting it to my particular tripod. If I had the right tools, such as a band saw, I could make it exactly like the online versions, but I am limited in my wood working tools. And I only own a chop saw - no table saw - so I cut my luan to size with a utility knife!
 Unfortunately, Home Depot did not have enough of the lighter color dowels that were straight and true, so had to buy one that was a darker color wood. I'm not too concerned with that as I know it will soon be messy with my oil paints.

Mine is not as pretty as the online versions, but for the BIG price difference, I'll use this for awhile. If I really enjoy this style, I may eventually buy one ready made.

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