Saturday, August 10, 2013

Saturday Plein Air - Hartman Aviary

We had a lovely painting day at the Hartman Aviary near Sunbury. They have over 250 parrots! They have some tortoises also, but they were much quieter than the parrots! I am not sure how old the tortoises are, but some of the parrots were over 40 years old!

He is 'grooming' her
 But back to painting! They have a lovely setting in the country with several ponds. I was intrigued by the 300 yr old oak tree across the pond.

I setup looking across the pond at the little waterfall which was actually to the west of the waterfall shown in the photo above. I wasn't able to catch the waterfall in my painting, but I like my overall composition:

Hartman Pond, 6x8, pastel on 240 grit UArt

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