Saturday, July 06, 2013

Saturday Plein Air, Orange Township Hall Park

It has been monsoon season, it seems, in Ohio recently. Today was misty, drizzly and overcast. Only a handful of brave painters arrived at the Orange Township Hall Park today. We all found a comfortable spot under cover and painted.  I wish I knew what type of tree this is - it may appear as a Weeping Willow from a distance, but it has a much different trunk and leaf structure. I should have walked over and taken a closeup photo.

Here are a few process shots and the finished painting. I wanted to work on my aerial perspective values and colors, and concentrate on brushstrokes. I think I achieved my goal considering everything was GREEN.

I was also using the new Gamblin Solvent Free Gel medium. I am impressed with it and will use it again, although I recommend using it only with either a disposable palette paper, or a glass palette. I had some issues cleaning off dried paint mixtures from my MDF palette.

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