Saturday, April 06, 2013

Plein Air Saturday - Olentangy Park

Although temperature wise it was similar to last week, because of a breeze today, it was COLD. Everyone was frozen, but we got some nice things started. I forgot to count the number of artists, but I think we had 12-15. Not all are shown in the photos below. Gary C. brought his propane setup and hotdogs! Man, hotdogs taste GREAT when you are outside and cold. Thanks Gary!

I wasn't too productive. I setup in front of a drainage ditch and started, but was in the wind so decided to move. I then setup down in the gully near Michael in front of a similar drainage ditch. Here I was out of the wind and a bit warmer after I got another pair of gloves and another coat out of the car. I didn't get too far into the painting before the park rangers came and asked me to move because they needed to pull their equipment onto the path. You can see the path with the truck parked in one of the photos. Michael is partially hidden in the trees on the left. I was near there. After they moved their truck into position, I could have moved back, but by this time, I was out of the mood.



Diane said...

looks like you had a great day although I am sure the wind got you a bit. Good job!

Nancy Van Blaricom said...

Hmmm, so if I plein air paint I get lunch also. *giggle

Too bad you had to move out of the way. I can certainly understand loosing the excitement of the painting though. Looks great as far as you got though. At least you got out and plein air painted. Way to go Nancy !