Saturday, March 30, 2013

Saturday Plein Air - Mingo Park

We had 16 painters today at Mingo Park. I was surprised, being a holiday weekend, that many people would be free. The weather started out frosty, but with no wind and bright sun, it was comfortable at noon for our critique. I decided to paint small and had taped three different shapes onto my board before I left home. This made it quick and easy to decide of a layout once in the field. I used medium gray Pastelmat today.

I setup on the edge of the bike path and faced the sun for the first painting, trying to get the sparkle of the sun on the river, along with the misty effect of the far tree line.

I then turned to my right for the second painting, looking down the river.
I chose not to paint the buildings.
For the last, I turned to my left to paint the pines. I think this one is my favorite. Sometimes I feel I need a warmup painting to get comfortable. This composition fit the square format well.

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diane ruck said...

good job Nancy! Very nice starts on 3 paintings!