Friday, April 19, 2013

Leavin' on a Jet Plane, Part 2

I've been asked about the other stuff I am taking and to help me in the future to remember what to pack, I decided to add to this post subject.

The suitcase I use is a large 25" or 27" (can't recall now) hard-shell in a wacky design. If you've ever shopped at TJMaxx or Marshalls, you've undoubtedly seen this type of luggage in a wide range of wild designs.
I picked this one last year for several reasons: it had to be large enough to fit my tripod inside, it had to be hard sided to protect my art supplies, it had to be a roller bag, and most importantly it had to have a distinctive design to be able to find it on the luggage carousel! This piece came through the trip with flying colors. You're wondering why I have a picture of my suitcase? Have you ever had the airline misplace your bag and all you could say to describe it was, "It's a black, fabric bag... ". Now with the wacky design it is very easy to spot. I took a photo of it with my cellphone, so if it gets lost, I can SHOW them what to look for, instead of trying to describe it.

The stuff inside here includes the tripod and most of the art supplies from yesterday's post, minus the Heilman box. The key to what clothes to take is to be able to have enough options to layer depending on the weather but not have way more clothes than you'll ever wear. Because this is a painting retreat, it will be pretty casual and I won't need any fancy clothes but I will look acceptable enough for some nicer restaurants.

1 short sleeve/2 long sleeve cotton T-shirts
1 short sleeve/2 long sleeve 'performance' fabric T-shirts
1 pair of jeans  1 pair of yoga pants
socks and underwear, nightgown
windproof fleece vest; packable rain coat (wind proof); hats, gloves
hiking shoes, Crocs

(I will be wearing on the plane - long sleeve T-shirt, lightweight fleece hoodie, jeans, Nikes.)

Comfort items:
Hair dryer, brushes, hair washing/fixing stuff
Soaps, creams, etc.
1 travel packet of Tide (W&D at the rental)
Earplugs & Melatonin - if I have trouble sleeping.
Travel coffee mug (what?? yep, like my coffee to stay warm instead of in a ceramic mug)
Water bottle (refillable instead of paying for bottled water)
Extension cord (used for hair dryer, multi-outlet to charge electronics, etc.)

And full it weighs 43.5 lbs!

The electronic items will be distributed between the carry-on and the suitcase, depending on the regulations/convenience: camera; charger, batteries, memory cards, iPod and charger cord, iPad and charger cord, Bluetooth keyboard and charger cord, earphones. GPS and car charger cord, phone charger cord. GHEEZ! What DID we do before electronic devices?

The carry-on will hold my Heilman box, small purse, medicine, glasses, sunglasses, watch, snacks, electronics, magazine, and travel pillow. Don't forget the cash and credit cards and travel documents!

PHEW, I need a vacation!


Diane said...

how very efficient of you Nancy! You got this packing thing down to an art!
Do you carry your pastels onboard?

Nancy L. Vance said...

Yes the carry on holds the Heilman pastel box.