Thursday, February 07, 2013

Distractions....and finding Blogsy

I've been pretty distracted recently from the studio. I got rid of cable, but that hasn't kept me away from the TV.  I have discovered all the great things on Hulu Plus, let alone the Angry Birds game that came free on my streaming video device.... ;-)  and I haven't even bothered to subscribe to Netflix yet...

Then I got the new iPad mini and have been playing with that quite a bit. I really bought this to use on my upcoming vacation in April, so I wouldn't have to haul my laptop. I wanted it to be able to post on my travel blog ( Learning just how to work on the blog on the iPad has taken lots of time and investigation. Because my blogs are on the Blogger platform, one would assume that the free Blogger App from Blogger would be a simple thing. I found it very frustrating and SO limited in functions that it was a joke. I really think it is meant for an iPhone where you'd just want to take quick snapshots and load those to your blog. Certainly not useful for grabbing lots of photos from an album and writing text. I couldn't find ANY information on how to use the app, which is surprising as it is a Google product.

I messed around trying to find a different way of doing things, but eventually settled that I needed to purchase an App. You get what you pay for!I found that the most popular paid App for iPad is Blogsy. The app costs $4.99. I read the reviews at the App Store, and then went to Blogsy's webpage ( and watched some of the video demonstrations. Because I am a visual person, seeing the videos were very helpful instead of just 'reading' how to use it. Blogsy works on 12 different blog platforms, so most people can use it. I have played around with the app a couple evenings, and it seems to be a really great product. I probably will use it most for the travel blog so I'll have to wait to see how that works out, as I tend to really take lots of photos for that.

If you are looking for a great app for blogging, check out Blogsy!


Nancy Van Blaricom said...

How great ! I'm so glad that you did all that research and came up with this app. I'll spring for it for sure.
When I went to your travels blog I noticed the photo was small. Was this what you intended or was it a glitch in the app?

Nancy L. Vance said...

I posted the pic small. I can go in anytime and change it to any size.