Sunday, November 18, 2012

Studio Work - Bosc Pear and Pastels

I spent most of the morning in the studio. First, I worked on a painting of a Bosc pear. This was painted on the pumice gel surface. The texture wasn't as evident as some of the other paintings, but I am happy how this turned out.
'Bosc Pear', 8 x 10, pastel on pumice gel surface
I also spent much time organizing my pastel collection so that I could fill my new Heilman carrier. I now can see what additional colors I need to fill-in this collection. This box will never look this clean again!
As I did this, I realized I had a big pile of pastels I never used, so I set those aside to make it easier to find the sticks I preferred. (the photo below shows all my other pastels before I removed those unused pastels and it is very apparent that the whole sticks below are those!).
I also wanted to give a suggestion to pastel users. I like to get the cheap microfiber cleaning cloths from the dollar store to use while I am painting. They are great for wiping the dust from both fingers and pastel sticks. They wash up really easily in the sink with dish soap.

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