Saturday, November 17, 2012

Studio Saturday - Textured Trees

I took the coming week off work to have extra time to play in the studio. I've been looking for a stable, lightweight, thin paper for the application of Golden fine pumice gel for my pastels. I might have found a good surface. I am experimenting using gloss photo printer paper. I have a printer at home, but rarely use it and when I do, it inevitably is either out of ink or the cartridges are clogged and dried out because it has been so long since I printed last. I had several different brands of glossy photo paper that wasn't being used, so I figured since it was meant for a wet application from the ink, it might work for the gel.

Here are a few pieces I worked on this morning, and I am pleased with the results. My texture is apparent and the surface didn't buckle from the gel.
The following are two tiny pieces which I mounted in some small frames that had some nice mats which I found at the thrift store. These were painted as companions, but they work well enough singularly. These will probably be in the Nifty Gifts under Fifty sale in a couple weeks.

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