Sunday, July 03, 2011

Tide's Out

Just a quick 6 x 6 playing around with the Fast Matte paint. I was able to mix some nice browns with these. Still working out the hues of greens though....and was pretty stingy with the paint! Sometimes it is hard to work smaller.


Nancy Van Blaricom said...

Meant to comment when you first posted about your new easel and have been so busy that I didn't take the time .... Its cool looking and I think you'll really enjoy the easel after the first couple of oil smears that will be left behind after your first couple of paintings *wink, I guess by then we feel it's broke in, huh?

Since you didn't say, I'm going to show my lack of knowledge and ask what is Fast Matte? ... you said 'paint', so is it oils?, or is it pastel? I do find with the smaller works that I always want to add more detail ... you'd think it would be just the opposite.

Nartizt said...

Yes, the Fast Matt are oil paints - you can read about them here
I mainly will use these when I travel to a workshop so I don't have to worry about traveling home with wet paintings.

Linda Hill said...

Painting looks very nice. Looking forward to more paintings of Bremerton. I like the idea of Fast Matt. Will have to get some.

Nartizt said...

The Fast Matte feels more like acrylic, as it feels drier and more matte (obviously). I will try using as the manufacturer suggests as an underpainting for regular oils too.