Saturday, July 09, 2011

Plein Air Saturday - Red Bank Marina

We painted at the Red Bank Marina area of Hoover Reservoir, Westerville Ohio today. We have painted here many times. We had a large group today and I elected to park over by the boat dry storage area. There wasn't much shade, so I decided to setup at the back of my mini-SUV. I put a large golf umbrella over the back door and setup my new painting set. The light was still reflecting badly, so I finagled my cotton shirt over the edge and clamped it down. It was quite the setup! The back of my car is the perfect height for me to sit on the edge and the back end gives me lots of space to spread out the stuff around me! Here is a picture of the "Paint - Mobile":
Here are pics of the view. Unfortunately, as often happens, someone decided to park their vehicle right in the middle of the view! So, several times, I had to walk across the parking lot to take a look at what was hidden and rush back and try to paint it.

And the finished painting is below. I touched up a couple things after I got home. I am trying to work on some specific issues in the field, such as keeping the paint clean and fresh and using deliberate brush strokes. Eventually I would like to go a bit more abstract, but feel I need to work on the foundation issues first.
"Dry Storage Mid July", 8x10, oil on hard board panel


Nancy Goldman said...

This is really beautiful.

Nartizt said...

Thanks Nancy!