Saturday, August 07, 2010

Workshop Day #1

It was a nice day for the plein air workshop. Today we met at Inniswood Garden Metro Park. Jim did a demo then let us loose to paint on our own. He came around and helped us with our paintings.

I was happy with my paintings. The first was a oil painting using a brush, painted on mat board primed with black gesso.
We broke for an hour lunch, then went to a different area of the park. Jim did another demo, then I started another painting. By this time, I was getting pretty hot and the gnats were starting to get to my face. I worked really quickly and used a palette knife for about 85% of this painting. I think this is the better painting of the day. This is oils on a YES! canvas panel. I like working on these panels a lot, and I am really enjoying working with a palette knife.
Tomorrow, we meet at Whetstone Park Of Roses. It's to be a bit hotter, but still a nice day.

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