Thursday, August 05, 2010

Plein Air Class

Inniswood Metro Park
This coming weekend instead of painting with the group, I'll be taking a class with my oil painting teacher, Jim Glover. He is teaching a two-day workshop in Plein Air Painting at two local parks. I took studio classes with Jim last fall to learn about oil painting and I learned a lot from him. But since I'd laid off painting while the house was on the market, etc... I forgot half of the stuff he taught me! I am looking forward to this weekend.

It will be a long two days - we will be outside working from 9am-4pm. But because of the schedule, I might not feel as rushed in my work as I do when I paint with the group on Saturday mornings. The weather promises to be about perfect - we are finally getting a break from the heat and humidity - it's supposed to be sunny with highs in the low 80's.

I will post about the workshop next week. I do plan on taking lots of photos.

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