Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Painting Class - Stone Fence - Post 1

The photo above was taken on one of the plein air Saturday get-togethers at Everal Homestead.

Monday night was the first week for the new session of oil painting class. This time it will run until November 9th, so should give us plenty of time learn. My teacher is also part of my plein air group, so I also can get some help from him while working on Saturday mornings if needed.

I finally rationalized the cost of the class because I had already budgeted two short trips this year which would have included room/board in addition to instruction. Both of those workshops were canceled due to low enrollment and those were to be my vacations.... so I never went anywhere this year! The class is only 4 students, so we get lots of individual attention and I get to sleep in my own bed - you can't beat that!

I started out toning my board with a thin wash of Napthol Red Light, so it ended up a light pink. This should be a nice color for the underpainting since most of the scene is the compliment in greens. We work from a limited palette. My colors for this painting are Napthol Red light, Ultramarine Blue, Cad Yellow Light and white. We are learning to mix our own colors so that we have less to carry into the field when working en plein air.

This was just the first pass to get the large shapes established. I have shifted the main bush with the pink flowers to the right for a better composition. I see that I need to shift the horizon line of the back bushes down a bit to get it off the centerline.

I wasn't sure if it was more interesting for you to see it as I go, or whether its best to make one post later, but showing pics of all the steps along the way?

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