Sunday, December 11, 2016

All the New Paintings

I finished the newest painting and had time to photograph all the rest of the recent oil studio paintings. All the subject matter were from my photos from my June trip to Scotland, with the exception of the last painting of the red barn. That is local from the Slate Run Historical Farm. Click to enlarge:

Callander Bridge, 8x10"

Scottish Giants, 8x10"

Stone Cottages, 9x12"

I'm tempted to cut this painting into a square - what do you think?

Foxglove at Loch Earn, 8x12"

Distant View, 9x12"

Chores, 11x14"


Lissa said...

Excellent Nancy! All of them are beautiful.

Personally I would like the architecture of the one you want to cut into a square so I think you would be cutting off something that is really nice.

Keep painting!

Nancy L. Vance said...

Thanks so much Lissa! I've had a couple people tell me not to, so.... will probably leave it as is. Hope you've had time to paint!!