Saturday, October 15, 2016

Saturday Plein Air - Westerville Wetlands

The weather held off and gave us a beautiful day today! We painted at the wetlands in Westerville. This is one of my favorite spots. Lots of interesting views. The golden rod and asters are slowly fading away, and luckily we got a chance to include them in our paintings.

This was my view. Although it's difficult to see from this photo, the large pond is in view. I wanted to keep the golden rod and asters as the main focus.
 I was trying out a new technique to get the composition down with the darks. I used an Art Graf stick of water soluble graphite. I've used water soluble graphite pencils in the past, but wanted something that would cover the areas easier than a pencil tip. The stick is a good choice!  Below is the first sketch:
 Then I wet it with alcohol so it would dry quicker than water. Nice darks!
 Below are continuing process shots:

 And the final painting. I made a few adjustments at home, but very few.
Fall's Departure, 8x10, pastel on UArt sanded paper.


CarolB said...

I like were really able to stay with your value pattern. Was the Art Graf stick black?

Nancy L. Vance said...

Hi Carol. The stick is light regular graphite, very dark close to black.

Nancy L. Vance said...

Like, not light.