Saturday, October 01, 2016

Saturday Plein Air - Three Creeks Metro Park

Fall is here! This morning, temps were in the 50's with overcast skies. By the time I got on the road the sun was out in my end of town, but closer to Three Creeks Metro park, there was fog! Beautiful with the sun behind it, and before I got unloaded, it was gone. It was still pretty cool to be painting bare handed, but luckily found a pair of the stretchy winter gloves in the car. They were paint covered from last year!

We were painting under the pine tree canopy overlooking the Turtle Pond. I always love to paint pines, so had to include those in my painting.
I was painting on a gesso'd masonite board which I had pre-toned with a soft oxide red. This surface works best for me, as I dislike the weave of canvas. Process shots below:

Since the painting is wet, it's hard to get a good photograph with the glare.
  on-site shot
 studio shot
Turtle Pond Fall, 8x10, oil on panel

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