Monday, July 04, 2016

Artwork from Scotland Trip

I haven't posted what I painted while in Scotland! Because I took pastels and it was rainy most of the trip, I didn't get much painting done. 

This one was a larger piece (7x10"), with a house and barn to the right side, but it was really poor, so I cut it off. That's a plus for pastels - you can edit after you have painted!
 This was a pencil sketch from Loch Earn at St. Fillans of a cottage on the hillside.
 This was also St. Fillans. Pen with bit of watercolor pencils.
 This was just across the road from our cottage. Hills and lots of sheep (although I only painted 3)!
 This was painted off the deck at our cottage on the last full day, and the only day without rain! This is the largest piece at 8x10.
 This was the first day we painted, along a small waterfall. This was a cool place!

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